East London-based producer Sonn has unveiled his new single ‘SAYWHY’, out 1st April.

An endearing concoction that centres around charming strings, restrained beats and Sonn’s instantly-recognisable vocals, ‘SAYWHY’ is a pop-centric ballad inspired by love and loss. Themes that are portrayed in the accompanying video. Both tracks will feature on his forthcoming EP ‘IN THE HEAT’, the follow-up to 2020’s ‘Something, Safe’, a project that has garnered over 2.8 million Spotify streams.

“‘SAYWHY’ is about uncertainty and doubt,” Sonn explains. “Sometimes relationships have to end even if you don’t want them to and this song is kind of a realisation of that. I’m essentially asking why do you keep me around if you keep doubting me? What’s the point?”

He continues: “From the inception of this EP I had always known I wanted to write something more pop leaning and ‘SAYWHY’ is the result of that, pulling inspiration from artists like Gunna and Don Toliver to understand how they would flow on a beat like this and then making it my own. Vocally this song features a lot of harmonies throughout the track which is a big recurring theme throughout the EP.”

A multi-layered talent that’s quickly rising through the ranks, Scottish-Malaysian artist Sonn has been turning heads thanks to well-received collaborations with the likes of Canadian rapper bbno$ and Alaskan talent Ralph Castelli.

The pop-oriented ‘SAYWHY’ is reflective of Sonn’s rich versatility as an artist.

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