Dilate Records are back with a new release from Marco Macaluso, also known to music lovers around the world as Solemn Eye. With Vonda7 (Einmusika, Souvenir Records, Soulfooled) and DkA (Mobilee Records, Get Physical Music) putting the finishing touches to this free flowing, organic release. Solemn Eye’s original features a quality vocal from Angel Ognito, which gives the whole release a trippy and mesmeric, bugged out feel. On the first remix we have Vonda7, bringing a progressive rolling style motion, fresh production skills and mellow pads throughout. Small vocal snippets and a main drop that’s going to destroy dance floors across the world. DkA is delivering some outstanding music and this could be his very best! Amazing use of the vocal through the track creating a free flowing and seamlessly beautiful piece of work.


Artist:  Solemn Eye
Title:  0.21
Label:  Dilate Records
Catalog No.:  DR021