Massive congratulations are in order for the Parquet Recordings family who recently tapped into double digits, celebrating over ten years of delivering high quality German techno bliss straight to our ravenous ears.  With a roster touting artists like Aaryon, Oliver Schories, Audio Junkes, Gui Boratto, Cristoph, and many more; we can only hope we get at least a decade more from the Parquet crew.

To commemorate the occasion, head honcho Solee went into his laboratory and cooked up the perfect release to reflect the label’s style and overall mantra. Build ups with enough electricity to charge a Tesla, bulky basslines and thrashing melodies run amok while still keeping the tracks sexy and poetic. Teasing some extra special remixes coming down the pipe, Parquet will continue to have our attention for many years to come.


Artist: Petar DundovSolee
Release Date:
Label: Parquet Recordings