Rising dance sensation SOHMI has released her newest single ‘Somebody’.


Truly coming into her own, ‘Somebody’ highlights SOHMI’s multidimensional skills as a singer, songwriter, and producer. Building a euphoric soundscape around her lush vocals, SOHMI hones in on her unique blend of soulful pop mixed with melodic techno, a sound she’s coined as ‘minimal pop-tech’. ‘Somebody’ serves as the first taste of SOHMI’s upcoming Recital EP, due out early 2023, and marks the beginning of the next chapter in SOHMI’s career. 


Reflecting on the past year, SOHMI said, “A lot has happened and changed since my last release, and I’ve spent a lot of time diving deeper into my own personal history in order to better understand who I am; why I hurt the way I hurt, why I love the way I love. All of it has been at once challenging and fulfilling at the same time, but most of all, it’s been beautiful to confront who I am as a person and how that’s shaped the artist I am and strive to be today.” 


Speaking about the track, SOHMI added, “I think ‘Somebody’ is sort of the first piece of that story, as it takes a step backwards into some personal history of mine while looking ahead and forward, sonically. It’s part of a greater whole, my first 4-track EP, and probably my most personal body of work to date.”


SOHMI invites fans to get lost in the atmospheric sounds of her new single ‘Somebody’.