Vinyl is still something very special and unique when you hold it in your hands. And the Monaberry label is known for outstanding and groovy output.

No doubt, SOBEK already cracks familiar patterns with his main track “Casio Samples” on Monaberry 064 and invites to a lavishly laid table full of hypnotic synths, sweaty breaks and unique sounding percussions plus sporty arrangements.

But that is not enough. With “Ruler of the Line”, SOBEK is heading for a nightly road trip full of puristic groove, retained happiness from the 80s and an almost outrageously thick vibe.

And it continues just as colorful and energetic. “Legend From Outer Pace” resembles an acoustic uprising of reactivated analog-slot-machines dancing in sync to the beat of powerful claps towards sunrise.

The remix on board completes the package perfectly. As Tyu’s remix of “Legend From Outer Pace” perfectly picks up the mania of the original and darkens the basic soul thus gives the track a sparkling rush and additional atmosphere.

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