[Release]  Holger Zilske & Kai Preussner aka Smash TV came to Get Physical early 2011 with their sensational ‘Baby Got Me Open’, featured on the Full Body Workout Vol. 7 compilation. The two immediately wowed us with their consistent sound and spectacular live shows. Well; after 2 years and countless EP’s, remixes and international after hour sets, the two have sat down and produced their first full length album, Noise & Girls. The first cut off the album ‘Whatever feat. Cari Golden‘ is a track for the heavy floors. With a funk-infused bass line pumping under the organic percussion lines and Cari Golden’s soulful vocals dictating the mood, the track achieves a warm glow, just like the moments in the deep night when you’re riding high and feeling right. Cari’s vocals bring a very sensual vibe to the energy-laden number, making it soft to the touch, but hard enough to get you on your feet and keep you there. Anthony Middleton, who recently began producing as a solo artist apart from Audiofly delivers another super high quality remix with his signature sound. Another deep night in the warm air of Spain, with warm tones in a sinister mood. The track rises slowly, adding synth ambiance and catching our attention as we hold our breath. Next we’ve got a steady remix from Chopstick & Johnjon. The German duo adds a soft touch to the track, with relaxing pads and those sweet chords under the vocal cascade. The bass reminds us this is not time to sleep though, and pushes us to our feet and toward the floor. Alexander Krueger, aka Tigerskin remixes the single as well. Adding various element of percussion, changing up the bass line and adding a raw energy to the mix. The vocals retain the sweetness of the original, creating just the right about of sultry smokiness to keep us up well into the early morning. Speaking of vocals, we’ve included the accapella for your creative amusement! Take this and play it to your own beats, weave it in and out of your sets, whatever!


Artist: Smash TV
Title:  Whatever
Label:  Get Physical Music
Catalog No.:  GPM229

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