Motek welcomes German duo Slow Hearts for their first EP on the label. Following the single “Skyfall” on Motek VA “Out Of The Shadows”, the boys have delivered an exciting and eclectic 2 track EP. Firstly “Juno” is a Techno/Deep cross full of driving elements from bass through to percussion, providing the tracks identity. Off this, airy pads, bouncy lead lines and a variety of quirky, bold effect and synth additions create the story in the piece. The second production in this EP “Ceres” takes on an entirely different feel, moving into the world of electronica. Ceres keeps a slow four to the floor kick drum but is given a faster 6/8 feel. These 2 rhythmic elements work beautifully together to bring interest and intrigue throughout the different sections of the track. Remixing for this release are Death on the Balcony and Ominous. Death on the Balcony have created a straight down groove based remix of Juno. Punchy bass and percussive elements over a strong kick drive the track, growing with string pads and vocal effects which explore the spaces left. Ominous have put their take on Ceres, moving it into a faster space with many quick elements including open and washy drum parts alongside pulsing synth sections. This has given the track a peak time option whilst subtly keeping the identity of the original.


Artist:  Slow Hearts
Title:  Juno/Ceres
Label:  Motek Music
Catalog No.:  MTK015