The Brooklynites Signal Flow are back and once again they are utilizing the vocal prowess of Kevin Knapp to deliver a soul shaking release off of Leftroom Records.  The last time we saw these boys collaborate was on Signal Flow’s City Livin’, proving they were a match made in heaven. This time around we see a more poignant side of the trio, creating a catchy and memorable track meant to evoke our emotions.

All Alone ‘ starts things off with a vibrant piano hook and splashing high hats, setting the tone for Knapp’s emotive lyrics that steal the show, effortlessly riding the bassline from start to finish. Miguel Campbell sprinkles the track with a little disco glitter, punching up the kick drum while introducing some funky guitar strings and old school synth rhythms. Locked Groove finishes things off with a complete overhaul, giving it the interesting ‘Cinematic Treatment’ chock full of orchestra strings and sporadic pads that may be far removed from the original, but is equally as entertaining.


ARTIST: Miguel CampbellLocked GrooveKevin KnappSignal Flow
RELEASE DATE: 2015-08-14
LABEL: Leftroom Limited

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