Rolling Stone-approved artist Shuba enters 2023 with “Bad Date,” a sharp new single that channels romantic bitterness into catchy, emotional catharsis. Out now via Snafu Records, it finds Shuba embracing her emotions and making space to authentically feel with no shame or strings attached. The track is another example of Shuba’s ability to reflect how audiences are feeling and find solace together through the power of music.

Shuba explains, “I think that sometimes, it’s okay to be petty. It’s okay to not really wish the best for someone who hurt you or made you feel less than. We can’t always force ‘no hard feelings.’ ‘Bad Date’ is about acknowledging that a relationship is over but still feeling unapologetically bitter about it. Especially when relationships end for what seems like dumb / small reasons, we tend to feel a bit frustrated about it and often, our feelings are validated when the person who left us realizes that they did, in fact, make the wrong choice; they realize that what they let go of is actually what they’ll continue searching for but maybe never quite find.”

With influences ranging from Eminem’s acrobatic bars to Ariana Grande’s irresistible hooks, Shuba has arrived at a sound that’s wholly her own. Praised everywhere from Cosmopolitan to Entertainment Tonight while recognized by names like Shakira and Celine Dion, she’s also found singles like “Indian Summer” snagging millions of streams. It’s all a full circle moment for Shuba, from dedicating herself to becoming a singer in the 6th grade, to subsequently jamming out with Brian May of Queen and performing alongside the likes of Train. With overwhelming momentum behind her, from Spotify to the stage and her 5 million followers on TikTok, Shuba is prepared for a major 2023.