First generation Indian-American artist Shuba has released a brilliant music video documenting the struggle between the heart and the mind for her new single “Nothing To Lose.” With an animated heart begrudgingly chained to her side, the visuals acknowledge that sometimes the heart isn’t ready to move on from trauma and grief, but Shuba and her heart make the journey toward recovery through the lens of colorful, kaleidoscopic splashes.

Shuba explains, “The heart and mind are such different things. Oftentimes, the mind wants to move on from something, especially things like heartbreak, but it can’t fully do that on its own until the heart and emotions “catch up”. This video is exactly about that. I wanted to use “Nothing to Lose” as a way to show how healing from trauma, heartbreak, grief, etc. isn’t linear at all. We might be able to logically know something will get better over time, but can’t always help how the other parts of our bodies recover from it. I hope people see this video as a healing journey of carrying around a broken heart, self- love and acceptance, and ultimately, freedom and recovery.”

With influences ranging from Eminem’s acrobatic bars to Ariana Grande’s irresistible hooks, Shuba has arrived at a sound that’s wholly her own. Praised everywhere from Cosmopolitan to Entertainment Tonight while recognized by names like Shakira and Celine Dion, she’s also found singles like “Indian Summer” snagging millions of streams. It’s all a full circle moment for Shuba, from dedicating herself to becoming a singer in the 6th grade, to subsequently jamming out with Brian May of Queen and performing alongside the likes of Train. With overwhelming momentum behind her, from Spotify to the stage and her 5 million followers on TikTok, Shuba is prepared for a breakout 2022 and beyond.