Shazam is Yo Friend

So, I’ve been hearing this song on a few mixes and podcasts but never thought to use Shazam because it wasn’t a mainstream track. In fact I pretty much wrote off Shazam as a way for finding music all together. A friend of mine pulled out his phone while I was raving about the track and told me that Shazam identified it, but it turned out to be incorrect. Yesterday, while in the car, my GF pointed out the same song on a mix and asked me what it was, and I couldn’t tell her. Being a DJ and all, this was pretty embarrassing so I decided to give Shazam one more try. To my surprise, it found the track and completely re-instilled hope for Shazam after all. The track was Lee CurtisI Can Hear You Arthur (Original Mix) displayed below. I love this track and I now love Shazam. Enjoy!

Lee Curtiss – I Can Hear You Arthur (Original Mix) by Electronic addicted

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