[Release]  Sharam Jey and his label Bunny Tiger have been relentless, releasing hit after hit, and gaining quick notoriety.  Up next from the rising label is a double A-side release Feeling High/Crap Rappers.

Lately Sharam Jey has been taking samples from popular hip hop and R&B tracks from the 90s and turning them into modern dance classics. ‘Feeling High’ takes an Erykah Badu sample and constructs a wonderfully lush track around it, with a groovy melody accompanied by pumping bass line.  Sampling Slick Rick and a Dr. Dre beat is a great recipe for success, and Sharam hits the nail on the head with this funked out house track, ‘Crap Rappers.’  The emergence of this new “Hip House” sound has been very prevalent, and Sharam Jey has it locked down.

This is another great release from Sharam and Bunny Tiger, and one that you will certainly want to add to your collection.


Artist:  Sharam Jey
Title:  Feeling High/Crap Rappers
Label:  Bunny Tiger
Catalog No.:  BT008

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