Shadow Child’s latest EP Waves & Shapes Vol. 1 on his label Food Music is quite the delight! Since the first release in 2012, we have seen a mass amount of support from names like Hannah Wants, Kill Frenzy, and the Dirtybird crew, to name a few. This UK based artist isn’t holding anything back.  This latest release collides quirky, fresh sounds and rolling beats.

“Work” kicks off the EP with a bass filled, a capella jam beat track, which is bouncy and cheerful. “Quadrant” has whompy style synths and a hot snare kick. The next track, “Sync 24”, breaks it down into a funk and glides through with dazzling loops. At the end we get a little laid back with “Lullaby”, which has a smooth melodic style that rides on a captivating bassline. It’s like soaring through your dreams, while floating on clouds into a blissful state of mind. The entire EP flows in and out of varied waves of sounds and uniquely shaped bass. No wonder they call it Food Music, because you just want to eat up all those delicious noises!

Artist: Shadow Child
Release Date:
Label: Food Music
Label:Catalog No: YUM025

Shadow Child – Waves & Shapes Vol. 1

Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor