International music group Sex Judas feat. Ricky returns to Optimo Music this November with a new album: Night Songs. The eight track LP draws inspiration from the night and features Malian percussionist Sidiki Camara, jazz clarinetist Andreas Røysum and noise rocker Linn Nystadnes. Making their own blend of disco, post punk and African music.

“It’s the return of Sex Judas feat. Ricky, this time as a six piece in fully fledged band mode. We’re here to take you on a journey through suburban psychedelia, forming our own brew of post punk, disco and electronic, as well as traditional music from Mali. Night Songs is a meditation on the night time. The excess, the dreams, the highs and lows of night time activity.”Sex Judas feat. Ricky.

Black Cat In A Black Room begins proceedings, taking the form of a psychedelic six-minute offering packed full of tribal drums and desert-like percussion. A Man Without Purpose comes next with its African-inspired vocal, before Hab Mich Lieb soon arrives.

The six-minute cut is hypnotic, trippy and relaxing all in one, as is Slow Down feat. Linn Nystadnes. Taking on more of a funk-rock feel, there’s plenty of groove in the guitar-laced bassline, whilst in Cold Clementine Sex Judas tells the sad tale of rave casualty over a dark and funky groove.

We’re taken down a spiritual path on The Light You Saw Was Not For Real, as Andreas Røysum’s clarinet solos sit underneath shamanic vocal offerings that open neatly into The Night Within The Night. A slow-burning cut, riffs and hats serenade us before When You Wake Up Everything Will Be Fine brings proceedings to a close. Dream-like chords wrap us in a warm and glowing hue, with the harp-like sounds from Sidiki’s Ngoni, leaving us in a starry-eyed state to finish.

The calming nature of the album is a nod to the band’s influences: they were inspired by the great meditative records of the past, setting off on a musical trip that saw them record the whole release at legendary Norwegian studio Athletic Sound. This happened during lockdown and whilst the LP was never meant to be a comment on the pandemic, there remains a brooding intensity to each track because of it.

Sex Judas feat. Ricky originally began life as the solo project of Tore Gjedrem (from electronic duo Ost & Kjex), but has since grown into a steady six piece involving the talents of Sidiki Camara (djembe / ngoni / balafon), Ivar Winther (guitar / keys), Tracee Meyn (vocals), Tore Brevik (drums / percussion) and Kristian Edvardsen (bass). Centre stage is also illustrator and comic artist Sindre Goksøyr, this time portraying each character as they paddle their way into the sunset and uncharted territories.

Malian-born, Norwegian-based percussionist Sidiki Camara has played a pivotal role in promoting Night Songs to world music circles. Having lived in Norway since 2006, he has helped bring West African rhythms into the country’s wider jazz scene.

Sex Judas feat. Ricky – Night Songs (Optimo Music)

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