Serrano’s Kitchen brings forth the second reference with a new track “Take a Break“. For this occasion the artists Sergio Parrado and Jee Bear make their debut with the label. Accompanied by great remixers from Sascha Dive and Danny Serrano and a special bonus tracks from Scoom Legacy. We we able to chat with Sergio & Jee about the release and what’s to come;
What led you to collaborate together for this Ep?
SP: We have worked several ep’s together and we really wanted to prepare something to be released on vinyl so we got down to work to prepare “Take a break”
JB: Being partners having time without playing in it, well it was time Jee Bear
(Jee Bear)
What was it like working with Serranos Kitchen and how is your relationship with the label?
SP: Danny Serrano is a good friend and the relationship with both him and the label is excellent, we have great communication and that makes things work well.
JB: Danny Serrano has been a friend for years and the relationship is excellent.
(Sergio Parrado)
What led you to decide on Sascha Dive and Danny Serrano for the remixes of this Ep?
SP : When we sent the track to Danny, he liked it a lot, at that time he was starting his new project on vinyl and he asked us to do a remix to support the ep. It’s the same with Sascha, he unites us by a great friendship and for us he is one of the great producers at an international level, when we send him the track I don’t hesitate to do a remix and the result of both is spectacular.
JB: As I already mentioned, Danny is part of the family, and Sascha Dive, apart from being a great friend and collaborator, is an artist with incredible music and who has a track record in the vinyl scene, so no one better than him for a remix, and well the result as Sergio says has been first class. We are very happy.

“Take A Break” is out now!