Storied producer Serge Santiago dropped his eight-track album 11:11 earlier this month on the recently launched Jack Said What label from Irvine Welsh and Steve Mac. The eclectic LP highlights the label’s multi-genre music policy and Santiago’s exquisite skills in the studio. Following the album’s release, we invited Serge to pick out 10 tracks that he’s feeling at the moment, enjoy! 

1. Chloé Caillet – NYWTF

Favourite track of the moment. It has a haunting start and great use of synths with a lovely bass turn and vocal chats. It is a very seducing track that starts one way and then drops another. It’s got a very late 80’s early 90s feel to it then adds a rough and raw feel for the second drop. It’s great stuff. 


2. Serge Santiago – Ear Racer

I wanted to write an Italo record without it sounding Italo; stupid I know but what are you going to do? So, it goes through the emotional journey of synths, noodles to piano drops, to 80’s Juno basslines. I loved making it so much, It came really easy too. It’s always nice when that happens.


3. Technasia – Obsession (Hombre Lowdown French Kissed Edit)

This is a very very good ‘edit’ of French Kiss and yes we’ve all got one of those, and yes it’s French Kiss, and we’ve heard it a million times but this mix is beyond good. It does everything it should in a house record. Grooves, builds and drops. That might sound simple but all it needs to do is create and build good energy in the room.


4. Swirl People – We Used to Party (Lawnchair Generals Dub)

I love all of Lawnchair Generals’ stuff, it’s dubbed out nu-disco style and it’s no different with this remix. It’s old, yeah, but it’s so good. It has this funk that rolls with little movements within that keep you interested.


5. R.S.H – Laughing While Intoxicated (Dope House Mix)

Absolute raw and ready classic right here… hits you in the only way it can, face on. You then get the pads and bassline breakdown which just oozes sex and late nights. Late 80’s techno at its best.


6. Amine Edge & DANCE, Prok | Fitch – Booze & Pills

This track has an excellent feel, what a bounce-like raw electro. Great marriage of acts here too but feels like Green Velvet meets Paranoid London hybrid monster type of record. Works for me!


7. Street Level Funk – Show Me What You Got (Acid Mix) (Part 2)

This is a happy acid house track, a monster of a tune. It has a Roland 303 all over this obviously but it’s not rammed down your throat, it just bubbles about doing it’s thing, and then you get a sparkle of chorded piano stabs rolling about. This track sparked so many sub-genres I reckon!


8. Dj Casanova – You Can Have it (Mosquito Coast Mix)

I love this track but it is a little odd, it feels like the track itself, the beat, the bass, and the small vocal sample plays second fiddle to the huge wah-wah synth that rolls in on top. But fuck it, why not. It breaks from the normal and just does its thing. What a groove though.


9. Hector Couto – Fimplex (Christian Burkhardt Remix)

Tight is the word here for me. Clear as day production and no room for error; it bangs. It has a great beat and bassline but what makes it is the twisted synth line running within. It’s magic; you can switch a crowd. I have never seen so many ‘Tune’ faces when I drop this. ha!


10. Rozlyne Clark – Darncin’ Is Like Making Love (Dub 2)

This record is magic. It’s hard to play something after it because it’s got so much atmosphere but that’s the thing about it, it’s all about the emotional build in the room with this one. It just adds another string to your bow as a DJ with an intelligent and open crowd in front of you.


Serge Santiago ’11:11′ LP is OUT NOW on Jack Said What
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