Lips & Rhythm Records delivers their latest creation with a debut EP from budding artist Seb Hall.  Escape to the Coast EP marks the fifth release for the San Francisco-based label, which aims to take you on a sonic safari through the canopy of unexplored, eclectic dance music by bringing it to the masses.

Bringing his unique style to the table, Seb Hall is a welcome new addition to the label.  Spending most of his life studying music, the Los Angeles-based producer recently shifted his focus to crafting his own productions over the last five years. As a result of his late-night studio sessions, his EP is a beautiful medley of genres, deriving influence from House, Disco, Funk and Soul.

Sun-soaked and carefree, the title track “Escape to the Coast” takes you on a smooth ride.  Silky beats and dreamy chords effortlessly float throughout, slowly building up the track, while setting the tone for the musical journey ahead.  Accelerating into higher gear, “Route” 1 is an upbeat percussive tune, brimming with plenty of delicious drums and effervescent beats, injected with funky guitar riffs that’ll certainly get you moving.  “Aquarian Dreams” lives on the chill side of the spectrum, nicely coasting along with low-slung grooves and luminous strings, while maintaining that laidback California vibe. Taking you to your final destination, Crew Love’s No Regular Play heats up the dance floor and shifts into overdrive with swirly beats and warm brass, in his wonderfully energetic rework to “Route 1” — altogether creating the perfect summer ambiance.


Artists: Seb Hall
Release Date:
Label: Lips & Rhythm Records
Catalog No: LRR005

Seb Hall – Escape to the Coast EP [Lips & Rhythm Records]

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Crystal Helman
Contributing Editor