Sağol is a label in a fine run of form and it now hits release number 10 with a new single from Seanzito ft. remixes by INXEC, Acid Washed, Bozzwell & Pink Skulls. 

Seanzito is actually the label co-founder and serves up a stunning single here. Prescience is a slick house tune with weird synth sounds that really draws you in. The beats are crispy and stripped back and the whole thing is perfect for the more tasteful dance floors. The Bozzwell remix layers in more dub techno leaning chords and so the energy level is raised, with freaky vocals also adding to the off kilter feels. Pink Skull remixes with a rueful deep space air that takes you on a real voyage through the galaxy and Acid Washed cooks up a cosmic mood with their slick synths and psyched-out grooves. Last of all things get twisted and more dirty with INXEC who keeps it tight and taught. All four tunes here are sure to really work the floor from a really on point label.