Sean Roman & Ali Black

Sean Roman has been on fire this year, thankfully with no end in sight.  With a career spanning over a decade in the electronic music industry, the Toronto-based artist has already unleashed several hot releases in 2016, including some exciting collaborations, as well as recent work with his fresh new label, Altus Project.  Teaming up with fellow Toronto producer, Ali Black, to unveil their latest creation, I Haven’t Slept Yet.

The EP is brought to us by Street King, the techier sister label of King Street Sounds.  Based out of NYC, the imprint was founded in 1993 and has grown to become one of the most widely respected independent dance music labels.  This 2-track release is saturated with banging beats that will send you dancing into the wee morning hours.  Thoroughly embodying those Nu-Disco vibes, “I Haven’t Slept Yet” is a funk-fueled production boasting a smoldering bassline, vivacious grooves and some irresistibly catchy vocal cuts.  “Xaviera” continues with that wonderfully bouncy sound, sprinkled in with some tight percussion and upbeat textures; creating some excellent dancefloor worthy material across the entire EP.  So no need to sleep — just dance.


Artist: Sean Roman & Ali Black
Release Date: 2016-03-14
Label: Street King
Catalog No.: SK379

Sean Roman & Ali Black – I Haven’t Slept Yet

Crystal Helman
Contributing Editor