Ahead of his debut EP Criminal, NYC-based prodcuer, guitarist, and singer/songwriter Sasha Rome is back with the final single from the EP – “Criminal.” Doubling as the title-track to the forthcoming project, “Criminal” boasts features from dark wave producer Stripess and vocalist Artemis Orion. 

A groovy, house-pop crossover with bustling synths and industrial finishes, “Criminal” is blurs the lines between the dancefloor and living room lounging. A deceptively complex offering with funky bass lines, bouncing drums, guitar-driven breakdowns, this Sasha Rome original is at once intricate and accessible to the common ear. Upbeat, sophisticated, and teeming with summertime sensibilities, “Criminal” is destined to wear our the replay button. 

Speaking on the track Sasha Rome says, “When I started this song I was inspired by old school and lofi house but I wanted to put my own Sasha Rome spin on it. I played the fast chords on my Prophet and instantly got a groove going with the chords and the drums. Stripess then chopped up the chords and added more groove to the bassline and drums taking the production to the next level. I sent it to Artemis Orion who added the lovely vocal topline which I quickly fell in love with. To complete the song I added guitar in the breakdown and heavily affected her vocals in the last drop, along with adding the finishing detail work. It’s one of my favorite songs I’ve worked on with an undeniable groove and beautiful vocals I can’t get enough of.”