Tomorrow Sasch delivers his first release on U.S. based label Vibe Me To The Moon, headed up by house legend Nightsteppaz. Losing You includes an instrumental mix by Sasch, a remix by MNTL aka Montel and a remix from Dutch DJ and producer Jeremy Juno. Each artist leaves their own unparalleled twist on Sasch’s production. To mark the release of ‘Losing You’, we invited Sasch to pick out 10 tracks that he’s been feeling recently, enjoy! 

1. Baby Rollen – Love Potion

“Lovely track from the label owner of Slump Recordings with warping acid breakdowns and 2-step rhythms. Nostalgic club sounds!”


2. Gleb Filipchenkow feat. Sainte Nicole – Sentinelle

“Gleb is a fresh name in raw emotive dance music. A fat groove with a tonal palette that features the well-trodden sounds of classic analog hardware. The track is a wistful celebration of underground warehouse acid raves that meets balearic sounds, it reflects the same deep and studied love for dance music in all its forms.”


3. David Agrella – Flowing (Ben Hauke Remix)

“David Agrella delivers to his Agrellomatica Records a spacey house track “Flowing”, featuring Ben Hauke. Both sweet and savoury, it strikes a perfect balance between nostalgic emotions and dance floor appeal.”


4. Leon Vynehall – Butterflies

“Leon provides a dubbed-out reshape, fluttering notes, warped vocals, emotive harmonies and deep basslines. An beautiful crafted classic piano laden house track.”


5. Tightshirt – Rampage Funk

“This track is a soulful and dubby excursion into the deep. I love the hypnotic sample lines alongside bumpy bass tones that play throughout the track, absolutely sublime!”


6. Drei Farben House – Peche Melba

“The spirit of all his original productions remains, but this time the effect is different. Drei Farben House focuses on rhythm, the guitar being her main instrument, and no stranger to the power of the beat. It’s hard not to fall in love!”


7. Daniel Bortz – No One

“Pastamusik is synonymous with guarantee, a point of reference for different underground artists. All releases land with its spaced-out grooves, jazzy motifs and rich ambient designs. “No One” capture the full emotional spectrum of life and love. It’s a true classic of the modern deephouse.”


8. Antonio Olivieri – Needing You (Sasch Remix)

“The berlin based producer Antonio Olivieri is known for creating enriching and catchy house music. “Needing You” comes reinforced with this stand-out remix with an personal and poetic touch. Analog groove, organic bass, tidy synth, persistent vocal stabs echo sentiment. Pure homage to the golden house ages, the kinda deep gem that plays in your head for weeks.”


9. Audiofly vs. Big Bully – I’ll Tell Ya

“If you say Audiofly you mean deep house makers by definition. This duo get their shears out for another round of evergreen edits from deep in the depths. Its strong kick drum is met with an atmospheric organ melody and wistful vocals that keep me on the deeper path and make this essential.”


10. Lula Circus – She loves Me

“My favourite, prolific and anonymous Italian electronic music project named Lula Circus. The track combines organic tech percussions, retro synth sounds and warm bass to create a deep and entrancing atmosphere. The synthesized strings join next to the mix and lift intensity whilst adding a haunting quality. Music that came to stay.”


Sasch ‘Losing You’ is out 4th November 2022 on Vibe Me To The Moon

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