Heartbreak is no match for the lyrically-deft vocalist and songwriter Sara Diamond in her no-holds-barred EP SaraX, out June 17th. The Canadian-born and Los Angeles-based artist traces her journey through relationships and discovers the power of truth and self-acceptance in the process. “Happy With Me” begins the story, playfully deconstructing lingering feelings toward an ex. Situationships, love, loss, and authenticity are all unpacked on SaraX. Showing her versatility, Diamond flexes her pop chops in the first few tracks, with an interlude that introduces the smooth and stripped-back side of the pop and R&B songstress. Sara Diamond brings the EP to a close with vocal-driven, open-hearted songs that embrace the end—and the new beginnings it can bring. 

SaraX is a heightened version of me, the multiplication of Sara. The songs are fun, passionate, and full of energy. There is an arc in the project, going from the lust-filled stage of a situationship, to the ending. I hope people can connect with it for those times when we just want to have fun and not get too caught up on anyone or anything.” – Sara Diamond

Over the years, Sara Diamond has crafted an incredibly unique sound, perfectly in tune with her enticing gift as a powerful vocalist. Blending her vocal strength seamlessly with her clever songwriting, her music has caught many ears and captured millions of hearts all over the world. With her last few releases, the indie-pop star has gained over 20 million streams worldwide on her own music and another 16 million on collaborations with the likes of Kaskade, Adventure Club, NASAYA, Tyler Shaw, and several others.

Her newest project EP SaraX is a deeper dive into her experimental pop and R&B. Speaking about the universal experiences of heartbreak and the self-love that follows from it, SaraX is the amplified edition of this ambitious singer. Bringing the narrative of the music’s story to life with Italian director Jonathan Redavid Sara Diamond steps into a new era as an artist with her newest project. 

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