SAES drops ‘Still Standing’ for his debut release and GCR’s third. The EP takes us on a journey into downbeat house and burns us through two originals that create an ethereal space within. They exude a personal essence blending genre lines to develop a sound that is all his own. The odyssey begins with Still Standing, a piece with enough emotion to get you lost in your own plane of thought while you sit into the snares and swim in the bass. It continues with Mr. Lonely, a piece best summed up by its bittersweet vocal presence and floating hats. GCR fam Audioprophecy & Anton M. give Still Standing a house treatment with a purposeful deep vibe. Ataxia takes Still Standing left-of-center on a spacial journey of its own, revealed in its dubbed bassline and ominous synth lines. The bonus track included is from Rheostat, delivering a first-ever remix of Mr. Lonely that kicks the original into high gear with an enslaving hook and a kinetic bassline.


Artist:  SAES
Title:  Still Standing
Label:  GCR
Catalog No.:  GCR003BP