Fresh off the back of announcing his biggest career move yet with a brand new label, EP and North American tour, the second single from Sacha Robotti’s forthcoming Welcome To Slothacid’ EP is ready to drop on August 16th and continues to build the hype for the eagerly anticipated Slothacid imprint. ‘Forget Tomorrow’ takes cues from the EP’s first single ‘Tail Of A Siren’, but shows a very different side to Sacha’s musical output and takes you on a journey away from the club and down a more melodic, and perhaps unexpected path.

A collaboration with L.A-based duo, tau0n, ‘Forget Tomorrow’ is an atmospheric, brooding cut which layers a gorgeous vocal over eerie synths and growling bassline to keep you guessing from start to finish. More than just another cookie-cutter DJ tool, ‘Forget Tomorrow’ doesn’t rely on obvious drops and cheap tactics to grab your attention – instead, it is an example of expert song-writing which clearly draws influence from a range of genres and scenes to create a timeless piece of electronic music to lose yourself in.

“Scott & Anais from tau0n have been my friends for a couple of years in LA, and ever since we met we’ve been working together creatively on music, videos and throwing parties. “Forget Tomorrow” and the music video made last minute in connection with the song, are our two most current projects. I’m super excited to share all this with you and also crossing my fingers for tau0n’s future!” – Sacha Robotti

Once the dust around the EP has settled, September 13th will see Sacha hit the road on the first stop of an epic 25-date tour in support of the new label. Welcome To Slothacid: An Open To Close Trip invites clubbers to experience the Sacha Robotti sound in a brand new way as he takes control of the night from doors open to doors close, and with 25 dates already confirmed, this is a serious project that is fully immersive in every aspect. With the full EP primed and ready to drop on August 30th, ‘Forget Tomorrow’ joins ‘Tail Of A Siren’ as a taster of the sound Slothacid will represent, and the two remaining tracks, ‘Generator’ and ‘Miles From Home’ will surely cement this as standout release on a label that pushes the boundaries of the scene.

‘Forget Tomorrow’ is out now on Slothacid.





– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Senior Editor