Sabb is the label boss at RADIANT and his latest LP is still making a real impact. Now some of the best tracks from it get remixed by a carefully selected list of names who all bring something fresh to the grooves: they are Super Flu, Roy Rosenfeld, Re.You, and Armonica. 

The pick of the bunch might just be the Armonica remix. It’s a real spine tingling track with lush chords and a fine arrangement that allows lots of light, colourful moments to fill your heart with hope. Elsewhere Jeopardized gets remixed twice by Super Flu, who layers in rubbery, elastic bass that really gets you moving, while vocal samples add some real soul. Roy Rosenfeld is another talent who flips Full Moon into something subtle and suggestive, with deep space moods and grooves carrying you away. Last of all, Re.You takes you even deeper, with soft tumbling toms, brain melting synths and a groove so supple it will loosen your bones. For deep and tasteful club tracks, this EP is essential. 

Radiant The Remixes – Part 1 is out 13th July! Pre-order is here: