SAAND is back with yet another mindblowing release on the Dilate Records imprint. Raw District (Crosstown Rebels) & HearThuG (Faceless Recordings, My Favourite Robot) both have pushed their abilities to the very limit for this release SAAND takes us into the darker realms of techno with this track for Dilate Records, splashing vocal pieces and groovy reverbs pushed along with a driving distorted bassline, creating a true mind blank. Raw District are no strangers for delivering remarkable material. With a hypnotic melody, loads of tension, bass hits triply stabs, this wicked groover doesn’t disappoint in any way. Built for the dance floor, this driving tune will keep you captivated. For the second remix we decided to go with a good friend of the label, HearThuG. We knew he would deliver something out of the ordinary and you bet he has! The track gives you a real sense of uplifting clarity and true happiness. He created this piece of art with dubby distorted stab hits, driving groove patterns accompanied with melodic pads. A real gorgeous piece of work from this incredible producer. This package is well rounded and should have a little something for everyone.


Artist:  SAAND
Title: 0.16
Label: Dilate Records
Catalog No.:  DR016
Release Date: 31 August 2015