Get ready for a dream ride with Ryan Davis’s Brun (The Remixes) on Ajunadeep. Anjunadeep dishes out some of the sexiest tracks in the industry. Ryan’s original track is elegantly features his distinctive cinematic style of production. He has really shaped out his career in Berlin laying down impeccable melodies in his productions. The masters Luca Bachetti and Matthias Meyer have delicately revised the track to add their own methodology and extend the sound even farther.

Luca Bachetti’s version adds his flavor with breathtaking spaced out chords entwined with melodic bells on top of a dancey beat. Matthias Meyer takes the track and layers the sound over a quintessential house beat.  Both tracks exude chilled out vibes and emotions for the dance floor.


Artist: Ryan Davis, Luca Bachetti, Matthias Meyer
Release Date:
Label: Anjunadeep
Catalog No: ANJDEE256RD

Brun (The Remixes)

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Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor