Anyone who has partied in Turkey will know how huge RX entertainment is. Now the big brand steps up with a fresh new label thats starts with an EP from Procombo with Pig& Dan and Noir remixes.

Procombo is the label boss here and his first cut Freedom is dark techno with weight in the drums and dub in the bass. The excellent remix from big time players Pig & Da is more smooth and rolling but filled with just as much shadowy mood and groove. Solaris then gets a bit more cosmic and trippy with rolling, sleek and futuristic drums. Noir then goes for an even more uplifting version that is airy and will lift you off your feet. Last of all The Fifth is the most monstrous of the lot with rock solid kicks and a bassline that really burrows deep. This then looks to be a label that will be well worth keeping an eye on.