Ruben Mandolini – The Revelator
Flashmob Records

Continuing a standout run of releases which has seen the label’s 5th anniversary marked as their most successful year yet, Flashmob Records has lined up another flawless cut to keep the momentum going through November – this time in the shape of ‘The Revelator’ by Italian heavyweight, Ruben Mandolini.

The Revelator is a stripped-back, groovy affair that takes its cues from the early morning, heads-down dancefloors and doesn’t rely on cheap tricks to keep things moving. Delicate, melodic synth work is underpinned by expertly programmed percussion for a rolling and focussed vibe from the start. A heartfelt, country-inspired vocal signals the track’s next step as layered effects ramp the action up whilst keeping the minimal aesthetic perfectly levelled. This is the product of a seasoned producer who knows how to create big moments with only a few ingredients and at the same time, is a great step back to the more minimal side of house and techno for Flashmob Records.

We’ve seen a huge range of sounds come from Flashmob’s imprint in the last 5 years and The Revelator is a great reminder that a mature, minimal sound like this is the perfect compliment to the heavier peak-time releases which have led the way recently. A label that is consistently featured on the Beatport charts right now, Ruben Mandolini’s standout contribution is a clear sign that things haven’t slowed down for Flashmob Records – rather, they’re just getting started.

Ruben Mandolini – The Revelator is out 15th November via Flashmob Records