Systematic Recordings is well known for being a reliable outlet for fresh techno grooves. Run by Marc Romboy it is always up there with the best and now the label looks to Roy Rosenfeld for a new three track EP that goes deep into techno worlds. He has also released for labels like Kompakt, Systematic, Traum, and more, and impresses here.
First up is “Ahava”, a warm, atmospheric cut with slithering synths and delicate little icy hi hats all driven by smooth drums down low. Its a really classy cut that will inject soul into any floor. “Hemla” then sinks even lower, with dubby chords and delicate details all burrowing deep into your brain and soul. Lingering piano chords are emotive and rueful and make for exquisite vibes. Last of all, “Tikkva” is the warmest of the lot, coated in vinyl static and humid grooves as it is. The drums are well designed and paddy, vocals are dream like and the whole thing is super soft and subversive. Overall then this is a killer EP.
ARTIST: Roy Rosenfeld
ALBUM: Tikkva EP
LABEL: Systematic Recordings
RELEASE DATE: 2017/04/14

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-Ian Flemming

Contributing Writer