Roy Rosenfeld has graced us once again with his unique approach to deep house and an entrancing four-track EP released on All Day I Dream. The artist emerged from the underground scene in Israel to become a globally recognized talent, and thank goodness he did. His new EP fits right in with the label’s mystical and emotive approach to deep house, and it poses as some of his best work to date.

“Rumbala” tells a story from start to finish. The opener, Rumbala, is an eerie yet beautiful track, almost making the hair on your skin stand up. As we move through the EP, every track is emotional and intentional. Rosenfeld is able to portray a variety of different emotions— melancholy, desire, curiosity, or pure bliss— without any gimmicks or added lyrics. The final track on the EP, Trip to Heaven, might be just that, as you end up in an almost vegetative state of bliss. As the ADID label does, the EP seems to push the boundaries for what the deep house genre is capable of.

This EP is a triumph for Rosenfeld. Give it a listen.