Today, Claude VonStroke’s young favorite, Robot Love, has released his sophomore EP on DIRTYBIRD, ‘Glass Table.’ The project boasts the unique indietronica sonics that attracted the label owner to the burgeoning talent in the first place, and follows up his ‘Wallflower’ EP and single on its 2020 ‘Couchout Compilation.’

Modular synths comprise the sum of ‘Glass Table’s’ parts per Robot Love’s usual modus operandi, each piece of gear carefully arranged into emotive slices of experimental electronica. “Tangle” centers around its distorted vocal clips, which are surrounded by fluttering harmonic patches and a soft low-end. Meanwhile, the textural “Slumberjack” serves up euphoria by way of lush windchimes and playful sound effects.

The enigmatic Robot Love has been slowly catching attention through his experimentally minded club cuts, whose stylings align with works from Four Tet, Bonobo, Jon Hopkins, and others. Shortly after his discovery by Claude VonStroke, the Berklee graduate signed his DIRTYBIRD debut, ‘Wallflower.’ He was also selected to fashion a track for the 2020 Couchout Compilation. Now with his third label contribution, it’s time for Robot Love to take his rightful place in the spotlight.