RIP Kenny is the soundtrack to your adventure. At the intersection of metal, punk and dubstep, the Oregon-based producer returns with “Lost” – the haunting, sophomore single to his debut LP Escapism.

Lost is a record that describes a feeling, a moment in the album’s story filled with longing, melancholy, & despair. Stripped of the one you love, you find yourself in a dark woods, alone with a small lantern — running out of oil. Longing and despair give way to frustration and anger as you call out. You hear your love lost return the call in seeming harmony, but not a murmur reaches you— it was all in your head. Hope dwindles as the echo fades, and you’re faced with only piercing silence and the dim glow of unknowing eyes lurking, waiting for you to give up. The feeling of loss overwhelms you, and you drop to your knees beneath a blanket of mist and moonlight. The beasts advance with muffled steps. As you lift your head, you feel your eyes turn red as your resolve steels..”  RIP Kenny

Through this second single, RIP Kenny teases at the intense thematic quality of the album. Taking you through a rollercoaster of emotions, this record brings you into the thick of what is surely a memorable ride along this LP. RIP Kenny is a storyteller, and delivers it flawlessly through a modern bass music package. Combining this with a 1st person experience of his life in the mountains, the album’s story will be brought to life with a full length visual journey upon its release. “Lost,” with its haunting melodies and twisted dubstep hooks turns heads and ears, continuing Escapism’s quest to touch on deep emotion. Through his authenticity and versatility, RIP Kenny has become one of dance music’s most compelling new voices and is sure to prove himself through his grit.