[Mixtape] Las Vegas resident Spacebyrdz and Riff Raff label co-owners release their first promo mix compilation featuring tracks new and old to showcase the works from the label. Artists on board this musical journey include Jay Tripwire, Safeword, Christian Orlo, Justin Baulé, Dance Spirit and the Spacebyrdz themselves. Riff Raff has been climbing the popularity charts in recent months with each release topping the next. Their constant growth and experience is evident and their hard work shows through their release catalog. We are very excited to see more from the young guns. Enjoy.





Track List:

01 Test Press – Original Mix – Joey P
02 Rack City – Original Mix – Justin Baulé
03 Feelin’ Dry – Original Mix – Christian Orlo
04 Mr. Lettuce Hands – Original Mix – David Scuba, Mikael Stavöstrand
05 Fire Dance – Original Mix – 8 Channels
06 Magical – Dance Spirit Remix – Mild Bang
07 Hypnotize – Android Cartel Remix – Coma Cruise
08 Ali Khat – Original Mix (Re-Edit) – Spacebyrdz
09 Once Again – Jay Tripwire Remix – Justin Baulé
10 Cosmic – Original Mix – 8 Channels
11 5th Limb – Safeword Remix – SMAK