Rico Puestel grew up playing piano, drums and guitar which kickstarted his career as a DJ and at the age of 13 had his first gig. To this day, he has over 40 releases with heavyweight labels such as Get Physical, Cocoon Records, Dirty Bird’s sub label Mothership with recognition from Adam Beyer and Richie Hawtin. 

‘OBI THINE XI’ titles his new album and is characterised by the two terms SPACE & TIME, which is represented by balanced dualism and Puestels contrasting musical psyche. The ethos of these split terms is defined by the idea of a wondrous holistic place which explores perception of the present. The two layers of this fantastic record combine a variety of musical concepts to create a new definition of techno. Included in the TIME side  there is a mini album exclusive to the 12″ that pays tribute to vinyl with four tracks at the end of each side, adding a new perspective on the album’s main theme


Rico Puestel ‘Obi Thine Xi (LP)’ is out on Exhibition on

24th September 2021.

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