Richy Ahmed. Simply uttering his name can cause involuntary muscle contractions in your legs and ass. The British House superstar has paved quite a path for himself in the past few years with his upbeat house style and production prowess. Blending everything from funk to hip hop, techno to disco; this house mogul always knows how to keep the party going.

Richy’s third release with the Hot Creations family, “So Good” is exactly that…an EP that successfully plays good cop / bad cop with our eardrums. The title track is served up dripping with summertime vibes, a cheerful and effervescent groover that is sure to make you smile. “Ruff & Raw” on the other hand is a much more rugged approach. with strong hip hop vibes and an even stronger kick. So Good!!


Artist: Richy Ahmed
Release Date:
Label: Hot Creations