In collaboration with Amnesia Ibiza, the internationally renowned DJ and producer Ricardo Villalobos and the talented Spanish artist Sixe Paredes unite on their first exclusive NFT drop, available on Atlanticus Music.

On February 22, AtlanticusMusic is offering a chance to grab one of the 50 NFTs enclosing a digital artwork of Sixe Paredes in collaboration with Ricardo Villalobos. The artist has worked directly on the reel of the video, frame by frame, adding symbols and animated geometric shapes, characteristic of his creative universe.

On top of this drop, a one-copy NFT will be auctioned, with, a digital portrait of Ricardo Villalobos by Sixe Paredes inside, and many other perks including a complimentary VIP table for 6 guests during Ricardo Villalobos’ next appearance at the legendary Amnesia Ibiza club.



Founded by pros of the music business and ruled by Web3 natives, AtlanticusMusic is here to lead the musical revolution using NFTs. Within our beautifully designed platform, fans really get the opportunity to own the music. Our tracks are all exclusive and unpublished. They go along with special perks (VIP tickets, meet & greet, personal items from the artist..) as we offer to strengthen the relationship with our favorite artists. Buying on AtlanticusMusic is a chance to reward the artist directly and as a collector to earn from the NFT over time. Editions are limited to a maximum of a thousand copies and Unique NFTs can be collected through special auctions. Once collected, the NFT appears under the shape of a digital card, impossible to reproduce. The card can be traded on the secondary market or part of a personal collection. allows the transactions to happen using crypto coins (BNBs) as well as credit cards so every music lover is welcome, crypto-native or not.

Amnesia Ibiza is the birthplace of the Balearic beat. Located in Ibiza, the venue is one of the most influential clubs on the island. It attracts a huge number of people all eager to experience the all-night hedonism for which the venue is so famous. In 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2011 Amnesia was awarded the Best Global Club by the prestigious International Dance Music Awards in Miami.

Amnesia and Ricardo Villalobos have a long history together, as the DJ plays at the famous Pyramid parties for a long time. This time, Amnesia Ibiza invites Ricardo for his first-ever NFT drop, on Atlanticus!

Ricardo Villalobos

Ricardo Villalobos was born in Santiago de Chile in 1970. His minimal techno and microhouse music started from a young age, while he was a student in Germany. Sharing how strongly passionate he is about the music he shared with his audience his own definition of what being a DJ requires. He is known for his pieces that evolve over time. Going from 10 minutes to half an hour, and sometimes more, he leaves room for improvisation. Ricardo Villalobos is a minimal pioneer embracing the chance to collaborate with other talented artists such as the artist Sixe Paredes, for the first time ever under the shape of an NFT.

Sixe Paredes

Sixe Paredes (Barcelona 1975) began in the world of graffiti at the end of the 80s and had its own studio in the 90s working with various artistic formats such as painting, sculpture and installation. The key to his work has been his continuous travels around the world and his interest in ancient cultures and primitive art, influenced by ancestral worldviews, particularly the pre-Hispanic Andean culture, giving rise to the use of ancient techniques such as ceramics or looms. He has exhibited in spaces and galleries around the world, at the National Museum of Modern Art in London (Tate Modern) he painted the facade in 2008 for the “Street Art” Exhibition.