German DJ, producer and label boss Rey&Kjavik is an artist that uses mystical and spiritual soundscapes within his releases. Last year he released his debut album on his RKJVK imprint and recently headed over to Mobilee to deliver two fresh new cuts on his new EP ‘entitled Time’.

We caught up with Rey&Kjavik to hear about his captivating releases, his eclectic production ‘Time’, sets over the summer and plans for 2020.

Hi Rey&Kjavik, thanks joining us. Can you tell us what’s it like to be a label boss at RKJVK? What does a day in the life of this role entail and what are the challenges that come with being a label owner in the music industry?

Hi and thanks for having me! It’ s great to have the possibility to support other artists and spread love with the label. The freedom you get with your own lavel as an artist is priceless. No waiting after you finish productions, your sound doesn’t have to fit into any particular label policy nor does it need any further supporters/ I like to do the artwork myself, I take pictures for it and just make the cover pout of it. It’s part of my artistic freedom and I love this feeling and am always thankful for these given options.

This December saw your ‘Time’ EP release on Mobilee. What can you tell us about the EP? How did it come to fruition and how does it compare creatively to your last release ‘Anela’ on the label?

The Time EP is perfect for the dance floor as it was for me to have a suitable follow-up EP for Anela, which was released in June this year on Mobilee too. When there is an existing connection between yourself and the label owner and A&R, it’s super easy most of the time. I just sent the tracks and some days later Ralf the label founder of Mobilee told me he will release it. Another phone call later we did talk about the release-date it’s pretty easy.

The release features many different elements of dance music styles from house, afro and ambient. What’s the philosophy behind the tracks and was there anything that inspired them?

I’ve always been open-minded when it comes to genres and styles, most important to me is that I’m happy with the result of my work. I always try to transport my current mood through music whilst I’m producing. I also don’t go to the studio with a proper plan in my head, like today I need a tune, which sounds like this or that. Everything happens because of an on-going process of my feelings during the time in the studio.

The release also features different tones ranging from punchy basslines to Sci- Fi styled sequences. Let’s talk more about your creative process on this release, what software and hardware did you use to make the EP and do you focus more on sound design or sampling?

For ‘Time’ I worked more on the sound design because I did use own vocals again, which I had not done for quite a while. Yourself contains this catchy vocal sample, which I liked from first listen and had the perfect fit on the existing demo of the song. Usually I produce with Ableton Live and most of the time on the road while I’m traveling, so I always have my MacBook, midi keyboard, soundcard and headphones with me.

You’ve had sets this year in many different locations, including Circle of Leaves festival in Germany, Woomoon in Ibiza and many more. How would you say this year compares to last and what events have been the most memorable for you? Can you list three of your favourite venues you’ve had sets at that have stood out for you?

For me personally every place has its own magic and I’m super thankful that I can travel around the world with what I’m passionate about. It is not self-evident these days that there are people who run clubs, festivals or parties. Most of them do it just because of their love for music. It’s not easy for them to bring us, the DJs, to the dancefloors all around the globe week after week, every month of each year or even longer. So I can’t point out some of them because they all earn my deep and honest respect for their on-going trust and support of my music. 

Can you list three of your favourite records from the past and present?

Plaid – Dang Spot (Warp) 1999
Acid Arab – Stil (Crammed Discs) 2016
Pletnev – Peep of Dawn (Hard Fist) 2019

Have you got any major plans for 2020 as a DJ, artist and label owner you’d like to mention?

To be honest most of the things I was expecting to happen have naturally without a big master plan in place. I always reflect and listen to myself carefully,  I already know that I will play live sets again next year, as a result of my eclectic productions and the fact that I dig deeper into my musical world. Personal-wise I’m happy with what I’ve reached to be a better human and I give my very best to continue going this way for myself and my beloved ones, because that will never end. All this will, of course, be put into my work as an artist as I’ve always done. 2019 was a great year in so many ways for me personally and 2020 will be too, I can feel it. The year 2020 sounds great in general, doesn’t it? Be patient and let this special year guide us.

That’s super exciting to hear and we will look out for your sets in 2020 and new releases. We can’t wait to from you again soon!

‘Time’ EP on Mobilee is out now. 

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