This year’s Summer Collection (curated by label owner Nick Warren) is 20 tracks of electronic gold. Every track chosen reflects the diversity of the label and showcases some wonderful artists’ work.

Leandro Caceres opens in fantastic style with a warm, cuddly deep house vibe that is lit up with some well designed melody. Urmet K. feat. Shawni then rolls on with Sri Sukta. It is a percussive number with dreamy and zoned out chords up top and then the beats get a little more broken up and funky on Aninat In Space by Marcan Liav. Bautista Toniolo’s ‘Grumari’ is a tropical vibe, one laced with nice loose percussion and worldly pads. Elsewhere the vibes keep on coming with The Dawn by Amol Reon exploring a slightly more edgy vibe. 

On the second half of the mix the vibes stay just as fresh and airy. Moon Drops by Zankee Gulati is a real tingler with heady and angelic chords and melodies soothing the soul. Anhauser, Lio Q and Nicolas Leonelli all come together then for the gorgeous Montevideo with its wavy drums and broad, sweeping synths. It’s a lush track and many more then come from Fran Bux, GMJ and Amir Tele while Borax is the closer from Subandrio & Nishan Lee that sinks you right down into a futuristic vibe.

This is a majestic collection of tunes that really offers something for all occasions and ensures DJs and dancers will have plenty to get excited about this summer.

Dancefloor Romancer · Premiere: Urmet K – Sri Sukta ft. Shawni [The Soundgarden]

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