Family Piknik Music is the leading techno outlet in France and now it showcases the many talent sons its roster once more. This various artists collection is packed with gems from the likes of NOREQUEST, Cadillac Express, Albanø, Mood Gorning, Pontias, SEBASS and many more. NOREQUEST, Cadillac Express – Call It What You Want is the opener and is a dark, heavy tune with clacking hits and tense moods. Ginger Rob then gets more melodic, with bright chords and nimble keys dancing in the air above the sleek drums. I Can’t Believe by Sebass is a dark and twitchy tune with rolling drums and big, heavy chords. 6 am by NOAA and Soundsider then gets more airy and hypnotic with its lush chords and bright, optimistic feels. 

Back To The Night from Ki Yera is a more deep, bas driven tune with stripped back atmospheres and subtle synth details then eventually take over. The clacking hits and skipping garage flecked beat will really make a mark on the crowd. Orange Sky by Subjacent is another heady and melodic minimal deep techno groove with plenty of cosmic energy before 8th Floor serve up Grind For Me and offer a more dark and moody late night vibe with plenty of intriguing synth work. There is a wealth of vital variation here with super tunes from fresh talents new and old. 

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