Family Piknik Music is a legendary French label and now they snap up Ukraine duo Off Night for a new single that comes with some great remixes.

The original version is a classic tune with a nice fat bassline. The tambourines add feels, the synths are retro-future and the icing on the cake is spine tingling vocal which really brings a wealth of emotion. Young (Nico Morano Remix) then takes the tune into a more raw and chattery direction. It is a late night gem with plenty of throwback feels and a fine vocal. Young (NØREQUEST Remix) then gets more snappy, with rugged bass and crisp hits making you move. Our favourite is Young (NEZZY’s Lonely Night Vision) which is built on airy broken beats, with nice cosmic chords and the vocal doing lots of tanker things up top.

There really is something for everyone here.

Grab your copy HERE