Joe Morris
Velocity Heights/ Whut

Known and respected as one of the top promoters in the heart of the Leeds music scene, Joe Morris has been extending his talent to production, creating what might be his best work yet for Mat Playford’s imprint, Social Problem. The new offering from the label, “Velocity Heights/ Whut” features two house tracks that exemplify Joe Morris’ nearly two-decade experience with DJing. His music is often described as pooling from a longstanding history of influences and his notable affinity for Chicago house, which is manifested clearly in this release.

‘Velocity Heights’, A1 for the release, intros with a solid minute and half of building synth and percussive lines that unsuspectingly emerge directly into the lead groove. Sultry female vocal samples supplement melodic… (Click Here for the full article on PulseRadio.net)

Velocity Heights by Joe Morris
  Whut! by Joe Morris