Emuh is a Seattle based artist who serves up a sumptuous window into his musical world with new album Dysmorphia. It comes on Feral One Records, a fast rising new label run by producer and fellow Seattle resident Longstocking.

The gloriously poppy Design A Water Droplet (H20) opens up with nice rubbery bass and kick drums and a catchy vocal full of upbeat soul. There are elegant and acrobatic bass patterns in Kumquat with a delightful falsetto vocal full of soul and I Just Sold My feat. ZOF is a deeper roller with bleeping future synth motifs while How Does Anybody is a delightful interlude with innocent vocals, glitchy claps and glossy synths all swelling the heart.

Dog Don’t Mind layers brilliantly left of centre samples with the hyper-real synth sounds, catchy pop vocals, playful motifs and driving claps. I Just Sold My feat. ZOF (4AM Mix) takes you to the dance floor with a rolling tech house beat and snappy drums and Dysmorphia ends with broken beat drums, deadpan vocals and more brightly coloured synths.

Emuh shows off a superb range of moods and grooves on this magical new album.


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