First and foremost, if you haven’t heard 26 year old German producer, Alex Niggemann’s, Paranoid Funk album, please stop here and listen ASAP. The prolific producer’s LP, which came out last year, is an incredible work of energetic deep house with a grounded, furiously late-night vibe.

Now, Poker Flat Recordings has released a set of remixes derived from the album, and the collaborators include some of the best in the melodic dance music business. Five tracks are remixed from the album: Don’t Wait, Lovers, Back 2 Basics, and two remakes of I Don’t Care.

The overall feel of the remix set is toned down, heavy, and subtly experimental. Together, the reinterpretations make an excellent compliment to an already excellent album.

Alex Flatner and LOPAZZ’s remix of “Don’t Wait” is exceptionally weightier than the original, particularly because its bassline pushes the track along, rather than transcendental elements, as in the original. While I prefer the original, the remix is great for injecting energy onto a dancefloor and inspiring crowds with a sexy and novel version of a track they may have heard and already loved. “Back 2 Basics,” remixed by Francys, follows a similar tone, with that heavy, plonked bassline as the track’s driving force.

Salvadore Freda’s remix of “I Don’t Care” is a beautiful equilibrium of dreamy and dark that makes some tracks seem supernaturally euphoric. The light, spritely elements embodied by high toned mallet instruments are juxtaposed with a melodic but stomping bassline and synths.

“Lovers” is remixed by Andre Lodemann, and given the sound, that is no surprise. Distinctly Lodemann, the steady, sleepy, yet heart-filling build is a wonderful rethink of the original. Lodemann retains the emotion of the vocal, as well as the electronic melodic opera of the original, but his sharp ability to harness physiological reaction to sound makes him such a unique artist and a great choice by Niggemann for remix duty.

James What works on another “I Don’t Care” remix and in this track, too, is a sound undeniably him present. (Give a listen to his It Feels Wrong EP, also on Poker Flat and you’ll hear the characteristics). The oddball elements of the track make it a stand out, unique choice for any late-night gathering — club, afterparty, comedown — and highlight James What’s quirky, dark imagination, which I love so much about him.

Niggemann has really culminated the perfect forces to revisit and reinterpret his work, with each remix embodying the overall theme and message of Paranoid Funk.





And if you are in San Diego on Wednesday, February 6, don’t miss Mr. Niggemann himself, at Bar D.