Created in 2020, the label will be promoting a contemplating space for the artists that have been a part of the catalog

by Isabela Junqueira

In 2020, as a result of reflection and search for expansion, the Brazilian Mazor founded Resurgemus Records. Driven by the desire to connect artists willing to express and release emotions, the label head established the brand’s values very well to advance as a label. Based on the central objective of supporting new names on the national scene (and maybe internationally?) and approaching stylistic differences in sound, Resurgemus ascends by acting on two fronts: a series of mixes with guests and executing it as a label.


The label has good mixes developed with the aim of helping from meditation or sound immersion, offering more than 20 options for sets of different genres and styles, but focused on the melodic and progressive lines of Techno.

As a label, will soon be releasing the track “Somebody Else”, by Dare U, and little by little it will build its catalog, worrying about inserting quality compositions and helping the rise of artists.

Resurgemus Records: Instagram | SoundCloud