There is no stopping the Canadian powerhouse that is My Favorite Robot in 2014, and here they serve up the goods once more in the form of a fantastic new EP from Remain who returns to the label for his second outing. Remixes come from Clickbox and Carreno is LB & Javi Redondo and bolster an already great package. Frenchman Remain is the co founder of Meant Records and has also released his idiosyncratic electronic wares on labels like Throne of Blood, Ideal Audio and My Favorite Robot Records. His ultramodern vision of house music and beyond has made him an international favourite as well as a staple on the French scene at clubs like Rex, Zig Zag and Showcase.

Opening up this sterling EP is ‘Bounty Hunting;’ a stripped back cut with stern no frills drums, stark synth melodies and plenty of abstract minimal lines. Dark, foreboding and barely decipherable vocals add to the apocalyptic vibe and make for truly tense and involved listening. Then ‘Bounty Hunting’ gets remade by Carreno is LB & Javi Redondo into a whirring, malfunctioning affair that sounds like a robot disco in the sky. Remain then turns in ‘Filthy Stitches’ ft Monoblok, a sinewy, metallic affair with tight synth lines stretched over rubbery drums. Said synths swerve and twist about for the duration, with intergalactic melodies and robo vocals eventually bleeding in, but its a firmly taught and tense vibe from start to finish. The remix is by Brazilian duo and Items & Things associates Click Box, who transform the original into a loose, writhing cut of synthetic house with plenty of alien details and gurgling synth lines. This is evocatively futuristic music with plenty of inventive textures and tones all working together to make for a fascinating listen that also makes you move.


Artist:  Remain
Title:  Filthy Stitches EP
Label:  My Favorite Robot Records
Catalog No.:  MFR103