[Release] My favorite boys are at it again. It’s hard to improve upon what was easily one of MEXA’s best releases so far. ‘Bad Girls Go To Heaven’ instrumentally had my favorite dirty feel with rough synths and heavy beats but lyrically and vocally my favorite ethereal element. The sinfully sublime and blissful blend of elements made the EP a standout work … And somehow, the remix package only pinpoints the perfection of each track by showcasing it’s range and adding entirely new elements of depth and desire.


While the originals all maintain that airy, angelic quality to the tracks, the remixes add some edge and dirty it down. The first up is two remixes of ‘Bad Girls Go To Heaven’. The first by Los Suruba honors more of the original sound keeping that dreamy entrancing vibe. They take it deeper with a pulsating bassline and keep you hooked up to the last second with the spellbinding effects in the second half of the track. The second by Zee&Eli takes the track for a total badass makeover. A heavy thrusting bassline laced with steady percussion on the cymbals and bells all underlined with grimy dirty synths and drawn out broken up vocals turn the track from a sunset sexy to an after hours get-lost-in-it heavy and dark vibe.


Next up is Cesar Coronado‘s ‘Cold Tamales’ Remix of ‘Casablanca’. Originally very true to Forrest.’s super dreamy deep style, the remix takes it a bit tech with layers upon layers of pulsating percussions all while maintaining that entrancing air.


The Game gets double loving as well, featuring two makeovers by Fabo and FreakMe. The first from Fabo takes it for a nu disco groovy deep spin with uplifting happy beats, this remix will definitely get you dancing with a huge smile on your face. The second from FreakMe takes it a bit harder, with that underlying rough synth riding the back of the track adding a dark element topped with ominous little melodies and an elongated build up to that booty bangin bassline make this an instant go-to for the dance floor.


My personal favorites would have to be Zee&Eli’s and FreakMe‘s interpretations for their dirty dark rough and heavy sexy energy. Overall, this EP only further solidifies my love and lust for MEXA and Forrest.




Artist: Forrest., Los Suruba, Zee&Eli, Cesar Coronado, Fabo, FreakMe
Title: Bad Girls Go To Heaven (Remixes)
Label: MEXA Records
Release Date:  February 20
Catalog: MEXA010