Redux Saints is back with another signature proven dance-floor weapon. ‘Suckin’ Up’ lands on his own rapidly growing label, DTLA (Deep Tech Los Angeles) and showcases his talent at producing and musicality that has found him on the likes of Toolroom, CR2 and more. ‘Suckin’ Up’ is is filled with trademark sounds, deep and bouncing bass-line’s and driving house beats. The killer vocal is the final touch and charts a jealous diva commenting on a rival showing off in the VIP and ‘Suckin’ Up’ to the DJ. With initial support from the likes of Golfclap, Rinse FM, Chris Lake, Shiba San, Piem, and more, ‘Suckin’ Up’ seems certain to turn everyones head this Summer.

2020 is looking like a great start for none other than Redux Saints. With a new radio show titled ‘DT Radio’ and on top of running his own label Deep Tech Los Angeles, Redux Saints is set to have a huge year with a run of releases set to find their way into almost every DJ and Streaming playlists you could imagine.





– @MitchDodge
Mitch Dodge