Purp & Soul once more looks to one of their own to take the reigns of their next release.  Along with a new brand image and direction, the label is re-launching ‘Jungle Jakarta/You Don’t Love’ from young rising star Real Connoisseur.  Real Connoisseur is a 19 year old producer from Oxford who has been immersed in music is entire life.  His first release, a track on Purp005 VA steadily rose the charts and gained him a busy gig schedule as well as some high profile remix requests.

‘Jungle Jakarta’ is an unmistakable piece.  The original starts with a looped vocal and chord, shudders down into a breakdown that Real Connoisseur is already known for, only to drop into a sub-bass fueled jungle sample riot.  ‘You Don’t Love’ features stuttered vocals ans lush synths once more to build, this time a bass that rises from the wash.  Chaos In The CBD steps up to the plate with a raw house groove.  Making use of the melodic elements of the track, dreamy synths wash is and our with a ride stepping the energy up towards the end of the track.  Artifact takes the original chord and cops i into a tougher 4/4 beat, a pounding low end, vocal stabs and rough hats are his trademark sounds doing the business as alway, look out for the last drop.

A great release from Purp & Soul, we always love what these guys release.


Artist:  Real Connoisseur
Title:  Jungle Jakarta
Label:  Purp & Soul
Catalog No.:  PURP007