[New Release]  Raffa FL is definitely an artist that many people look up to.  With a slew of incredible releases already under his belt, we get his newest work, I Want You, out now on Unrivaled Music.  With remixes from Liam Geddes, Dan StylesDanny eM, and Dextor Ford, expect this record to get lots of attention.

‘I Want You’ is a bass heavy dance floor behemoth.  Crisp percussion accompanied by captivating vocals and a slamming bass line make this track an instant classic.  Liam Geddes delivers with a sublimely deep remix that has silky smooth vibes.  Dan Styles delivers with his own spacey, broke-down melodic approach.  Danny eM also brings it with a scorcher of a remix. Finally we get two amazing remixes from Dextor Ford, Down Mix/Up Mix, that are the perfect contrast/compliment to each other and are a perfect wrap up to this great album.

Overall this is a great release from Raffa FL and Unrivaled Music.  Raffa continues to impress with his flawless style and we really look forward to what this great artists has in store for the future.


Artist:  Raffa FL
Title:  I Want You
Label:  Unrivaled Music
Catalog No.:  UR87

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